About Us


We are Yara and Cosmo, a kinky couple from Zurich in Switzerland. Ever since we first met, we live and love BDSM together. We have a variety of preferences. Yara enjoys provoking reactions, and she will use any means to achieve this. Cosmo likes dirty practices and the extraordinary.

Our brand perverformer is created by ourselves. This includes filming and editing the videos, as well as programming this website. We are proud of what we have already achieved with perverformer and we hope that you enjoy the experience here to the fullest.

Yara is much more than just the star in our videos. She makes sure the cameras and lights are where they belong, she is in charge of editing and managing the videos, and she also organizes collaborations with additional models.

Cosmo also does much more than can be seen in the videos. He developed the website from scratch and he is continuously expanding and improving it. If someone has a technical problem, he will find a solution.

Overall, we love this project and we hope you enjoy perverformer just as much as we do. If you struggle with something on the website, or if you have ideas or feedback of any kind, feel free to contact us.


In the videos you can see more models than just Yara and Cosmo. We consider ourselves very lucky and we are grateful for having amazing collaborations and friendships. If you are a female model with fitting fetishes or similar interests, please let us know!

Special thanks go to Levi and Dog. Yara's most helpful video editing slave is Levi with many good ideas, creative thoughts and a healthy dose of humor. Yara's slave Dog edits his own videos with a love to detail. Also he is of help whenever the editing software has its own interests...