Personal Data

This is where it's usually stated how your personal data is collected, analyzed and further used. In contrast, we don't ask you for any personal data whatsoever. You can use this website anonymously.

For example, you can create an account without providing an email address. But as a consequence, you don't have options such as "Forgot username" or "Reset password". So make sure not to lose your login credentials!

On our website, you can even remain anonymous while making payments. This is possible thanks to crypto. More information


This website, like most others, wouldn't work without cookies. Cookies are pieces of data stored in your browser. It's a very useful technique, and it's active all over the internet.

Unfortunately, cookies can also be used for questionable purposes. However, we only use cookies for essential functionality. Here are two examples.

1. Because of cookies you can log in.

2. Cookies give you access to our videos.