All 3 Holes Filled Simultaneously for the First Time

All 3 Holes Filled Simultaneously for the First Time

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Yara is at the center of this event. No less than 3 dominant personalities take on her sexuality. Cosmo, Miss Medea and Miss Flora have plans for the little one.

First Cosmo's cock may be spoiled a little. The femdoms make sure that everything goes according to their ideas. Then a glass dildo is brought in, which Miss Flora inserts deeply. For Yara is quite quickly no longer clear who does what to her. Miss Medea's fingers find their way into the little butt hole and Cosmo continues to fill her mouth.

Then they switch. Cosmo starts to penetrate the butt while Miss Flora still fills the vagina. Miss Medea is busy shooting a good close up as Yara begs to get a dildo in her mouth too. Of course, stuffing the pert mouth is more important than perfect shots. Therefore Miss Medea quickly grabs a dildo and lets the sweet mouth believe in it.

The anal sex develops in the meantime in an unexpected direction. By penetrating the intestine, it became quite dirty, which only turns Cosmo on even more. From the violent treatments so strongly excited, Yara has an orgasm. Cosmo wants to continue penetrating her ass, but she's already too done, so he gets to shoot his cum in her mouth.

Categories FFFM German Audio Group

Models Cosmo Miss Flora Miss Medea Miss Yara

Outfits High Heels Latex

Toy Dildo

Practices Anal Blowjob Pussy Sex

Kink Cumshot

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