Gas Mask Lady Sprinkles Incredible Amount of Pee

Gas Mask Lady Sprinkles Incredible Amount of Pee

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In a small and rather dark room, a toilet is placed on the otherwise empty wall. The walls are covered with black tiles, which gives an indication of the dirty use of this particular room.

The focal point of the scene, however, is Miss Yara sitting on the toilet. Her long legs are spread wide. The view of her pleasure center is obscured only by a small string of pearls. Every movement is stimulating as they slide over her skin. Yara wears a gas mask that covers a beautiful and rather innocent looking face. But it couldn't be more contrasting to her appearance.

Her hand slides between her legs. She starts rubbing her fingers on her pussy for pleasure. After a while and some moaning, she moves on to a dildo. The dildo soon satisfies her from the inside. With every movement she gets more aroused.

As she approaches climax, the real fun begins. Without hesitation she empties her bladder in a huge fountain. Now the choice of location starts to make sense. In the manner of squirting, but with the amount of pissing she begins to splash everything.

Whenever you are sure that there is not a single drop left inside her, she starts all over again, with even more pressure and excitement! She doesn't even stop when the pee hits the wall behind her.

In the end she has a shaking and squirting orgasm.

Category Nonverbal Audio

Model Miss Yara

Outfits Gas Mask High Heels Lingerie Stockings

Toy Dildo

Kinks Piss Toilet

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