Masseur Abuses Client by Rubbing Himself on Her

Masseur Abuses Client by Rubbing Himself on Her

This is a preview. For 40 you can unlock the 31:43 full length video.

Everything is prepared. The cameras are well hidden. No one should notice anything about it. A towel is ready. When the bell rings, the masseur rushes to the door and opens it for his young and extremely attractive patient. This is exactly what he had secretly hoped for.

He behaves respectably, tries to hide his excitement and instructs her matter-of-factly to expose herself. He quickly notices that his customer, Yara is extremely inexperienced. He will take advantage of that later.

He begins to move the focus of the massage away from the back to Yara's genitals. Yara feels uncomfortable, but ultimately trusts him. The massage becomes more and more intense and the masseur even dares to rub his penis against the patient under the towel.

However, the treatment reaches the peak of assault when the masseur grabs a dildo to supposedly release tension from the inside.

The masseur publishes the video with a blurred face and distorted voice, so as not to be recognized in any case.

Category English Audio

Models Canvas Miss Yara

Toy Dildo

Kinks Abuse Roleplay

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