Wanking Dad Is Blackmailed by His Little Daughter

Wanking Dad Is Blackmailed by His Little Daughter

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Silence at last. The family is gone. The daughter at school. The father of the family wants to use the rare time alone to treat himself to some fun. He finds a pair of his daughter's worn red lace panties and sniffs them. Oh, does that smell heavenly.

Tissues and a few toys that no one is allowed to know about are ready. He puts on the black mask so as not to catch sight of himself in the bedroom mirror.

Now it should be just about him for once. Pulling the panties over his head, he begins to satisfy himself. A photo of the teenage, sleeping daughter on the screen, he quickly becomes more excited.

But what happens now? From outside he hears an all too familiar voice. It literally shrieks, "Dad?". He is startled and reacts in panic. But by then the door to his room is already opening. Standing in the middle of the room is his daughter, whose panties he is currently wearing on his head.

She screams at him in disgust. But soon she realizes how she can take advantage of this situation. What if mother would find out about it? An evidence picture is quickly shot and the father is in a hopeless situation. The daughter blackmails him unscrupulously. He has no choice but to cooperate.

In seconds, he is forced to deliver drinks, endure humiliation and even pay a large sum of money. Even against the handcuffing he finds no way to resist. The snotty and unscrupulous daughter takes the game to the extreme in order to collect even more incriminating material.

The father tied up, she wanks him to orgasm. Not, of course, without taking evidence shots that show him as the one at fault. A forced orgasm, plagued by guilt, finally makes the father shiver.

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